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We offer more than basic learning where the children stand around and wait to dance and get them interacting as individuals and as a team. The toddlers and children do not like to stand still so we assist them in learning to work together, get in lines and circles and things that as an adult we forget are basic life skills.
We focus on fun, movement, music and teach dance routines with a creative curriculum for the "classical ballet" that keeps children interested in learning. Dance skills not only help with gross & fine motor skills but also help develop communication, mathematics, rhythm, spacial relationship and coordination.

Our approach to teaching and our curriculum is what makes us one of the premier programs in the region and our methods immitated by other studios in the area.
Our classes currently welcome14 month old toddlers to 5 year olds in Two Little Feet®
Our kids classes include ages 5-17 year old children.

Dance with Me Mommy & Toddlers

We know mommys get into a daily routine that includes playing, teaching and trying to find activities to socialize their little ones. Parents hope to find adult time and friendships with those going through their shared experience.  Join us! Children ages 14 months to 3 years are welcome to these Mommy and Me classes.

2 1/2 - 3 1/2 Baby Ballet & Creative Dance
3-4 year old Ballet & Pop
4-5 year old Ballet, Tap & Pop

We know children learn at different paces and in their own way, so all dance activities are based around multiple activities that allow the children to find where they shine.

They learn dance basics, ballet barre, how to navagate obstacle courses, dance games, routines and different styles of dance. By offering a well rounded experience, a child can determine what style they like when they reach the 6 year old classes.

At Preschool

We know everyone is busy balancing life, work, and children. That is why Two Little Feet provides classes at area preschools. Your child can get quality movement education from the convience of your preschool!

Ask your director to bring Two Little Feet® classes to your child's preschool today!