"Laugh with Us, Dance with Us!"

Dancing with little ones since 2001, Two Left Feet® is a respected and admired early childhood learning dance studio. Two Little Feet® dance curriculum and teaching methods are based on proven engagement and interaction models, which provide children with engaging and a fun learning experience.

A Unique Approach

While a lot of dance studios primarily provide old school traditional classes, our classes are much more interactive and child centric. Our instructors engage the children in activities letting them explore their gross motor skills for their level of growth and development. We are about helping children develop, grow and be happy in a nuturing friendly environment.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to serving the youth of our community, providing high quality instruction in the early learning of children through education in dance and teaching motor skills. By providing a happy environment for children we provide a healthy experience for learning. With encouragement and a positive attitude we foster a love of learning.

What Parents Have to Say

"The instructors and staff at Two Little Feet® provided my daughter with the extra guidance and support she needed not only to be confident in class but to perform on the last day of class. We can't stop her dancing at home!"
 - Stephanie (Ella's Mom)